Firms use paths as car parks, says Lae leader

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The National, Thursday June 20th, 2013


SOME companies at the Lae’s main wharf have ignored concerns raised about their use of sidewalks as car parks, a senior Morobe provincial government member claimed yesterday.

Amos Wallace, the community affairs member, claimed he had spoken to a number of companies regarding the dangerous practice but most continued to use the sidewalks as car parks.

“This practice of parking on the sidewalk causes traffic congestions in this very busy sector of the city and it continues to pose a very dangerous situation for pedestrians,” Wallace said.

He said with sidewalks clogged by vehicles, pedestrians were forced onto the roads and considering the narrowness of the roads in the zone, the risks of being run over were higher.

“Out of four companies I have spoken to, only one has complied promptly and I am duly grateful to that company,” Wallace said.

“As for the others, I would think that as responsible corporate houses, public safety and wellbeing would rank up top amongst their priorities but that does not seem to be the case.”

Wallace said he would now be seeking advice from the provincial traffic department regarding the legality of the practice with the view to refer the companies to the appropriate authorities for prosecution.