Firms working together to boost tourism


TWO tourism businesses in East New Britain are working together to provide services and products to tourists visiting the province.
Rabaul Discovery and Eco Tourism Tours has engaged Maku Gifts to provide customised gifts for tourists arriving on cruise liners.
The first gifts were distributed to more than 570 tourists on RDT tours on Saturday when the Pacific Aria cruise liner docked at Rabaul. Rabaul Discovery has been managing P&O cruise liners arriving there in the past 10 years.
General manager Douglas Pidi said they could not wait for the feedback from the tourists on the customised gifts.
Pidi said SMEs in particular played an important role in the community and the company would continue to support and engage local businesses in tourism activities.
This includes the use of buses, hire cars and security when cruise ships dock in Rabaul.
He said Maku Gifts was engaged to provide specially-made souvenirs for the tourists.
The people engaged by Maku Gifts to make the special gifts use local materials.
Maku Gifts’ Annette Sete said it was encouraging to be working with RDT tours to make gifts for overseas visitors.