First-aid skills vital, says instructor

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KNIFE wounds and snake bites can be managed if more people possess first-aid skills, a first-aid instructor says.
Red Cross national first-aid instructor Lucy Dai said that during World First Aid Day (WFAD) celebrations at Nature Park in Port Moresby on Saturday.
The day was celebrated under the theme “domestic accidents” which referred to injuries or accidents that often occurred in home environments causing injuries.
“People get injured or lose their lives in home accidents, so it’s very important to have first-aid skills and knowledge to stabilise these people,” Dai said. First-aid skills should be accessible to all.  It’s a vital humanitarian act that empowers people to save lives and help recovery from sudden illness or injuries.”
Dai said Red Cross in PNG aimed to ensure that there was “first aiders” in every home and organisation in the country.
“We conduct commercial first-aid training for organisations and also community-based health and first-aid training,” Dai said.

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