First class kanakas all right

Letters, Normal

The National – Monday, December 20, 2010

I REFER to the letter “First class kanakas, thanks to OBE” (The National, Dec 15).
The writer is right to say the outcomes-based education is slowly wiping out our children’s ability to think and their command of English is poor.
As one of the HR managers of a multinational company, my responsibility is to screen application letters.
I am sad to say that many of the applicants cannot even string a sentence without making a mistake.
The sad part is the majority of the applicants are university graduates.
I call on the Education Department to conduct a thorough review of the OBE and if the findings show that OBE is not suitable, then scrap it.
We cannot afford to have two generations of Papua New Guineans with a poor command of English.
The perception many people have of PNG is it is a corrupt country and it is one of the top five countries in the world where people are killed like flies.
We cannot afford to have another run of bad press saying our people have a poor command of English.
If there is a need to discontinue OBE, so be it.
We do not want to be known as the country which produces first class kanakas.


Doreen Deedee
Port Moresby