First graduation for community

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FOR the people of Bil in Usino district, Madang province, basic Government services are never heard of for almost 34 years.
Many  school aged children  have never been to school and there are no educated people there because the distance walking to the nearest  primary school is about four hours walk.
However, during the introduction of the education reform, the provincial authorities decided to introduce an elementary school there through the support of education planner, Jimmy Uguro, who  walked the many kilometers and eventually becoming a teacher and then made his way to become the senior professional assistant.
Last Tuesday, the Bil people witnessed their first ever graduation, which was an eye-opener and a significant moment for them to have their own children graduating from Garaligut Primary School.
The people have built a permanent double classroom and  a headmaster’s  office but many of the classroom and teachers’ houses were  built by the people with bush materials.
There is no Government assistance like SLIP project, given out to many town schools, which are advantaged and privileged with the  all services readily available.
The teachers at the school goes into town once in every two to three months to collect their pays and buy their supply of soap, kerosene and food items like cooking oil and salt besides few store goods.