First of two Kokoda reviews done


INTER-Governmental Relations Minister Kevin Isiful says the review of the Kokoda Track Authority by the Kokoda Initiative at the Conservation and Environment Protection Authority (Cepa) has been completed but a review
undertaken by his department is still on.
“They are reviewing the business aspects of the Kokoda Track but in terms of governance structure, my department (DPLLGA) is looking into that as it is the mandated agency to conduct the review,” he said.
Isifu said the Kokoda Track Authority was a special purpose authority for which his ministry had the power to review and administer.
The current review is looking at strengthening and improving the management and governance structure.
Isifu said once the review by his department was done, a joint submission would be made to the Government.
Statistics provided by the PNG Tourism Promotion Authority show Kokoda Track as the most popular tourism destination in Papua New Guinea.

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