First school vaccination a success, official says


The first phase of cervical cancer vaccination in primary schools in National Capital District was a success, according to Boroko Rotary Club president Russell Jackson.
Jackson said the vaccination initiative, although funded completely by Rotary, was a successful collaboration of government agencies, doctors, nurses and individuals.
“The first school to receive vaccinations was Pari Primary, it was implemented by a well-trained group of NCD health workers, and the same girls will need a second dose in November,” Jackson said.
“This has been a proud achievement for the Boroko Rotary Club as we have struggled to raise the money through the last four years of Melbourne Cup events.  Now the project is finally happening, this is great.”
He said through Rotary International’s support and the Boroko club’s own funding, K986,000 has been raised, which was enough to vaccinate 28,000 girls in Port Moresby’s three electorates.
He added that the girls receiving the vaccinations also received some food and drink afterwards so that the health care professionals could check there was no pain or swelling after the
vaccination, which happened in rare cases.
He said technical assistance for the vaccinations was provided by the Health Department and the implementation was carried out by NCD Health Services.

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