First time happening, snow machine for the month

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BELIEVE it or not, it’s snowing Port Moresby.
Despite summer temperatures hovering in the mid-30s, the Vision City Mega Mall management has again produced a gem of an idea – bringing snow through snow machines placed in front of the mall.
Snow is a novelty for most in this country and you can actually see it and feel it every day this month from 5pm-5.30pm and again 7pm-7.30pm when the machines are switched on.
They are specifically installed at the amphitheatre under the giant Christmas tree and two others are on the light poles in the car park area emitting artificial now. It’s actually water inside the machine that is discharging snow into the air. Although it’s not real ice-snow falling, it still should be a fascinating experience, especially at this time of the year. The nearest most of us here have come to experiencing snow is at the movies or in front of the TV when a team of reindeer is towing Santa Claus and his bag of gifts for Christmas.

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