First words for Rudd Jr

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BABY Kevin Rudd Junior has reached another milestone in his short life with some first words.
K-Rudd Jr, who will be two next March, can now say “mum” and “dad” but struggles with his namesake’s favourite phrase “programmatic specificity”.
Baby Kevin Rudd Junior was born in Goroka General Hospital a year ago, on March 7, five minutes after Kevin Rudd senior made a special visit.
Thrilled parents Esau and Lina Kitgi, from the isolated Degi village, named their new-born in honour of the visiting Australian PM who was in PNG shortly after being elected.
Now the little master has become a tourist attraction with five Australians this month making the pilgrimage to his remote village in Eastern Highlands province.
Father Esau proudly held Baby Rudd aloft to cheering villagers when AAP and a small group of tourists arrived to visit the baby.
“He is growing up so quickly, talking now too,” Esau said.
The group made the two-hour drive east of Goroka, while visiting the Goroka Show earlier this month.
Matt Carr, renewable energy expert based in  Port Moresby, brought his visiting parents Elizabeth and John from Toowoomba,Queensland.
“I just had to see him (Kevin Rudd Junior) for myself and my parents wanted to see him too,” he said.
“He looked like an Eastern Highlands Jesus – naked with local finery,” he said.
Photographer Dave Carswell travelled from Melbourne after hearing about Kevin Rudd junior on a popular social engineering site and decided to see for himself.
“I would love to go back to see Kevin later in life,” he said. – AAP