Fish farmer seeks help to build permanent cultural centre


A fish farmer is asking for help to build a permanent cultural centre at his village in Jiwaka where historical artefacts can be kept.
The centre is being planned for Kuplang village, near Kudjip, in Jiwaka.
The project is the brainchild of Michael Parik who farms tilapia fish grass carp in 13 ponds outside Kuplang.
Kuplang already has a cultural centre called Tolsi Cultural Reviving Centre, but it is a traditional house and not permanent.
Parik, who founded the Tolsi Cultural Reviving Centre, is seeking the help of the Jiwaka provincial government and Anglimp South Waghi MP Joe Kuli for the construction of a modern tour and cultural centre.
“We launched our cultural centre last month. We’ve built a traditional house which keeps artefacts like wooden digging sticks and spades, stone axe, and other stone tools,” Parik said. “Experts from Trans Niugini Tours have advised us to build a modern lodge to keep these artefacts.
“Since I have limited knowledge and resources, I am calling on our local MPs and any interested individuals to help us build this facility.”
He said the centre has tourism and research potential.
“Over 60 tourists have visited the centre,” Parik said.
“We have created a bird watch, waterfall, artefacts section, and cultural singsing performers who provide tour services.”
Parik said the centre is meant to preserve the region’s culture, promote tourism and help research.
Parik welcomes any support from tourism and cultural organisations.

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