Fisheries project to educate students about aquatic life


A NEW fisheries project is expected to be completed and utilised by more than 600 student attending the Sogeri National High School, principal Kive Kererembo says.
Kererembo said the National Fisheries Authority (NFA) built a fish pond for the school towards a new programme they were introducing called “Fish for school”.
“The aim of the project is to help educate students about aquatic life and also for them to gain practical experience about what they learn in class,” he said.
“The project will focus on fish and prawns.”
Kererembo said the initiative will benefit between 610 to 620 students attending the school.
“The NFA visited the school last year and when they heard about the project they agreed to build the pond,” he said.
“I have already appointed two teachers to be in charge of the project.
Kererembo said that not all students would be able to make it to universities due to limited spaces and such training gave them an alternative.
“In engaging students in such activities we hope to help students secure spaces in fisheries colleges and other fisheries organisations as well,” he said.
He added that he hoped the project will encourage students to go back home and start up fish farms.

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