Fishermen oppose deep sea tailing


DEAR secretary Gunther Joku, you and your minister have been avoiding meeting with the Fishermen Association of Morobe since you started the campaign for the deep sea tailing system method.
We want to tell you and your minister including Wafi-Golpu mine executives that you will never succeed with your preferred deep sea tailing method which is tailing into Huon Gulf waters.
Please be advised that the people of Morobe through our Lutheran Church of Papua New Guinea will never bow down to anybody including the Government.
The Lutheran Church is the soul and heart of the people of Morobe and the people of Morobe make up the Lutheran Church.
That is the kind of relationship and support we have here in Morobe.
We have over 600,000 people in Morobe and our unified voice against deep sea tailing system is genuine.
Advice the Government and the Wafi-Golpu mine executives about our stand so they will stop wasting more money and resources on the deep sea tailing system.
Instead, they should be working immediately for an alternative tailing method.
This will allow the Wafi-Golpu project to commence immediately for the benefit of all stakeholders.

Sasa Zibe-kokino
Morobe Fisherman Association

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