Five deaths in Mt Hagen

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FIVE Coronavirus (Covid-19) deaths were reported in Mt Hagen Hospital in the last 13 days, with 28 health staff testing positive for the virus, Western Highlands Health Authority acting chief executive officer Jane Holden says.
“The province recorded 287 cases from Sept 17 and we believe more people had been infected and are at home.
“Another seven deaths were reported in Gia and Kiripia in Tambul-Nebliyer, near Southern Highlands’ Imbonggu,” she added.
Holden said the number of new infections would rise if more people volunteered to be tested for the Covid-19.
She said the seven deaths occurred after the victims reported short illness with shortness of breath.
“More positive cases are coming from Gia and Kiripia areas at the moment,” she added.
Holden said many Covid-19 infected people could be living in communities and only testing would verify for treatment and isolation at an early stage.
“The isolation unit is also full with 11 patients waiting for admission.
“The management is trying to open another 12 beds yesterday and hopefully 20 by today.
“However, once we have those full, we will have no further capacity because we believe many more could turn up.
“We want people to come forward for testing so that they can be treated and isolated if positive,” she added.
Holden said people’s behaviour needed to change because if they refused to come for testing, they were putting the lives of others at risk. “Only a few people are getting the vaccine.
“We want to see a massive increase in number of people getting the vaccine but it is not happening.
“Vaccine is free but they seem to have the couldn’t-care-or-less mentality because of misinformation.
“People need to change their attitude and adhere to the new normal protocol.
“We are sensing danger and the public must turn up at the hospital to be tested or vaccinated,” she pleaded.