Five MPs’ move to URP ‘immature’

Letters, Normal

THE move by the five opposition MPs to join the United Resources Party was not in the best interest of the people but the MPs themselves. 
Election is just around the corner and they are playing “party politics”.
The MPs say that they want to bring development to their electorates.
What have they done since 2007?
These MPs need money to run their 2012 campaign.
They need political support and back-up.
It is ridiculous to see and read about MPs switching sides since the court ruled certain parts of OLIPPAC unconstitutional.
The five MPs and others who have left their parties for others show they are power hungry and are serving their own interests.
The current distribution of DSIP funds is also biased.
If the PM is deliberately doing this, he is showing he is immature and his true colours.
MPs must remain with their party in good and bad times.
The people will make the choice come 2012.
It is not proper for MPs to desert their parties.
They are there for a purpose.
If the government is luring MPs with incentives, then it is corrupt, primitive and biased.
It needs to be removed.
MPs should not be fooled. 
Much credit goes to the current opposition members such as Sam Basil, Koni Iguan, Byron Chan, Peter Iwei and other young charismatic leaders because they have shown the people that they really care about the people.
A baby will choose Twisties instead of a K100 note because the snack looks attractive and catches the baby’s attention.
This is what the NA is doing.
Papua New Guineans must use their God-given conscience to choose leaders in 2012.  


Yangharry Jr
Port Moresby