Five new judges appointed

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CHIEF Justice Sir Gibbs Salika has advised newly-appointed judges of the Supreme Court and National Court to be diligent in their role as it is important to maintain the rule of law and to deal with cases without fear or favour.
The National Judiciary Services on Friday welcomed five new judges in a ceremonial sitting at the Waigani National and Supreme Court premises.
The five are Justice John Numapo, Justice Vergil Narokobi, Justice Sinclair Gora, Justice Paulus Dowa and Justice John Kaumi.
“As we welcome them here (Judiciary), the life here is not an easy life,” Sir Gibbs told them.
“It’s a life of technically loneliness, you live a life on your own.
“You are not expected to go into public bars and public areas where you can drink around.
“Although judges are at liberty to be participants in community activities, but try as much, judges, live a solitary life. This is just from the one side of the coin in terms of the life a judge.
“Professionally, as a judge, the challenges are enormous and they are big.
“We are grappling with many issues, there will be many things that come your way.
“Our role is to stick with interpreting the law and abide by the law to ensure that the rule of law is maintained and that the democratic processes in the institution are maintained.
“You will be challenged in your role as a judge, but stay firm and true to your oaths.
“You and I must leave a legacy, we must deliver justice according to law.”
Attorney-General Dr Eric Kwa, Solicitor-General Tauvasa Tanuvasa and Law Society president Allan Mana were guests at the ceremony.