Five picked to boost women’s role at sea


FIVE women, pioneers in an innovative partnership between the Australian government and Steamships, China Navigation Company (CNCo) and Pacific Towing, recently joined the maritime industry.
Lyllelah Kunai, Irma Rua, Glenda Amu, Amy-Lee Turia and Jamie-Lee Baim left on Monday afternoon to begin training time onboard the mv Szechuen multi-purpose vessel. After a stop in Lae, the young women will start a professional experience that will take them around Asia.
The maritime sector is of vital importance to Papua New Guinea.
However, the industry here follows the global trend of being male-dominated.
Women make up only 2 per cent of the maritime workforce.
Even CNCo, a company dedicated to diversity, says female officers comprise just 0.3 per cent of its sea staff.
“My father is a semi-retired ship captain, and I’ve always wanted to be like him since I was a kid,” Baim said.
“Thanks to this partnership of Australia Awards, Steamships, China Navigation and Pacific Towing I got this brilliant opportunity to follow my dreams.”
In January, the programme partners selected 10 women from across PNG to begin their studies at the PNG Maritime College.
They were equally split between pursuing qualifications as ‘officers of the watch deck’ and ‘officers of the engine room’.

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