Fix 8-Mile Roads


THIS letter was written to the National Capital Governor Powes Parkop and Moresby North East MP John Kaupa last year and the beginning of this year before schools started.
Nothing has happened so I am writing this letter again regarding bad road conditions at 8-Mile from the first to the last block.
Due to Parkop and Kaupa’s inaction, PMV crews are charging passengers K2, especially in the afternoon.
Again, youths along the road take advantage of the bad road conditions and fix it themselves and charge passing vehicles.
I live at 8-Mile and I’m faced with this hassles of paying K2 every afternoon. Who do we blame? Are we entitled to basic services?
Most PMV buses and taxis are now reluctant to provide services to 8-Mile.
This affects school children and the people there.
It is time to upgrade the roads permanently.

8-Mile Resident,