Fix buses, PMV owners told

The National,Monday June 20th, 2016

Public Motor Vehicle (PMV) owners in Lae have been warned to fix their buses and comply with traffic regulations or face tough penalties.
Lae PMV Association chairman Samie Temiel said the increasing number of un-roadworthy buses in Lae had been a safety concern for commuters.
“So many buses are packing the limited spaces at the main bus stops and many of them need to be removed,” he said.
He said the traffic office would be conducting inspections on vehicles before issuing roadworthy stickers in order to minimise the number of unsafe vehicles on the roads.
Temiel said there were many buses that have broken windows, floors and seats which are dangerous for the travelling public.
He said many PMV owners failed to turn up at a recent meeting to discuss issues of old and unsafe vehicles, therefore, they have to fix their vehicles.
“If bus owners in the city cannot comply with traffic rules then they have to take their buses elsewhere.”
PMV association inspector James Kinjin said many genuine bus owners were not making much profit due to the increasing number of vehicles which should be taken off the roads.
He said Lae city had good roads therefore PMV owners should not blame potholes for the poor conditions of their buses.
Kinjin told The National that the PMV association was set up by the provincial government so all PMV owners should comply with the association’s regulations.
“Drivers and crews of buses would also be issued uniforms to ensure they dressed appropriately,” he said.
Kinjin said the PMV fare in the city has increased by 10 toea, however, many people were not aware of the change.
Last month, Lae city PMV bus owners had called on the Independent Consumer and Competition Commission (ICCC) to increase bus fares and change routes.
They said spare parts imported had become expensive.