Fix country’s education system


WE know there is corruption everywhere and it is deeply rooted.
The corrupt can be found in government departments and institutions, companies, non-government organisations and churches.
The same corrupt acts are practised by people everywhere.
If the officers are corrupt, it implies that the leaders are corrupt as well.
Therefore, the Government has to do a better clean up.
We are focusing on quality education and getting rid of corruption but some of our teachers are doing the opposite.
Corruption is mess that needs to be dealt with soon.
Some think it is the Government’s fault that corruption is present in society.
Yes, the Government can be blamed for not spending enough time and resources on eradicating corruption.
The people can be blamed for corruption as well, for not doing the small things right.
Corruption starts simply with disobedience, disrespect and ignoring moral values.
Whoever we blame, the fact remains that the majority of the rural population is suffering due to government services such as education, health and effective law and order institutions not reaching them.
There is poor delivery of education in our country. The huge number of grade 8, 10 and 12 dropouts is a testimony to that.
Our school infrastructures are running down .
There are no good teaching facilities in all schools.
There are no good teaching materials, syllabus, reference books or libraries.
The teachers have to dig into the pockets and brains to give an education to our children.
When everything is not in order and we try to meet the standardised education system, it is unfair.
The problems mentioned are not necessarily confined to rural schools, urban schools are facing the same issues.
The Government and the Education Department should take this seriously instead of just blaming the teachers for all the mess.
Teachers are not the only ones creating the mess.
We have to provide them the environment and benefits that encourages them to do their best.

Concerned Rural Citizen

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