Fix grassroots issues first, says Chan

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The National, Friday 24th May 2013

 NATIONAL development will only progress quicker if issues at the provincial, district and ward levels are fixed, New Ireland Governor Sir Julius Chan said.

He said, during a fundraising dinner in Port Moresby, that it was best way to move forward.

“If we fix the provinces, the districts, the wards then the national level will find way to progress smoother, faster, less obsequious and conflicting,” he said.

Sir Julius told his People’s Progress Party supporters and MPs to uphold the principles of democracy and deliver services to the people they represented. 

“That must teach the national government what it means to be a government of, by and for the people,” he said.

“The national level was simply too rigid, too set in its ways and choked by a bureaucracy that has no spark, no sense of duty, no sense of service to the people and is self-aggrandised, becoming too lethargic and greedy.”

Prime Minister Peter O’Neill acknowledged the support provided by the party in the formation of the current government especially Sir Julius for providing political strength and stability.