Fix the management issues within Lahanis


IN response to Mr Inove’s letter in The National yesterday regarding Lahanis lack of performance and asking the sponsorship to boost their performance, I say companies are feeling the pinch of the current economic turmoil and would be very hard to lend that hand.
Lahanis would be one of the most successful self-sustaining entity in the country if we can fix the management issue.
Lahanis is a household name and a champion club.
How many times have they won the inter-city competition?  How many years in the running has this club been in existence?
Do they have a gym, a club house, a training field, a stadium of their own?
How much money have they made so far?
Can a financial report be presented?
Only then can we know the plight of the Lahanis.
Look at the Agmark Gurias – a real professional outfit that has produced results because of excellent management. The Snax Tigers have followed suit.
Unless we fix our management, success will depend on individual brilliance right now.
Over to you, the management of the Mighty Lahanis.

Tumba Biinem
Port Moresby

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