Fix public sector to improve economy, says Juffa

National, Normal

The National, Wednesday 29th May 2013

 BUILDING the economy is the sole responsibility of the public sector and cannot be achieved if the Government does not consider fixing the sector, Northern Governor Gary Juffa says. 

Juffa also urged the Government to adopt rehabilitation initiatives so  while implementing policies and programmes, it could also rehabilitate the run-down capacities in the public sector. 

“The government must review the service system by fixing the public service sector if it is serious in attaining people development in the country,” he said.

“It must rehabilitate the public service by increasing employee conditions. 

“When they are improved then it will successfully implement and deliver services to the communities. 

“The government must see the role of the private from the public sector that private sector is profit-oriented while public sector is economy development.

“ Which one is of more beneficial to the country? 

“A substantial overhaul of supporting and assisting the employees will support the Government in delivering and developing the country.” 

Juffa said this included scrutinising the bureaucratic system where laws and policies were implemented.