Fix road to Rai Coast


I WRITE to applaud what Madang Governor Peter Yama is doing currently to go rural.
I read recently a report by Sylvester Wemuru in The National on the governor’s visit to Saidor with the provincial executive council, delivering needed projects and allocating funds to various development programmes and initiatives in the district.
Many programmes and activities the governor attended and executed were mentioned.
I am interested in one project Yama launched while he was there at the district and that is the road project for Madang to Saidor Station.
I travelled just recently on that road from Madang to a village called Sokanam.
I was told it would take another 4-5 hours to reach Saidor Station.
I had to turn back because I did not know what lied ahead.
I crossed more than 20 rivers without bridges. Most of them are big fast and flowing rivers.
The road has deteriorated.
Motorists do not use it because of the bad condition.
The road has been neglected for years.
When I chatted with locals regarding the road condition, they expressed frustration at their political leaders who have neglected this road for years.
I noticed a pipeline for the Chinese giant company, MCC, running alongside of that road. I asked if the company did some maintenance on the road over the years. They said nothing was done.
I think maintenance of the road should have been included in the project agreements.

Anis Dage,