Fix roads in Popondetta


IT is shameful to drive on the roads in Popondetta town.
Potholes have developed as volcano craters.
The bitumen had disappeared very fast and the roads are taking their shape as off-roads out of town.
Street roads in town are producing dust-like smoke which makes the residents get angry at motorists driving beside their homes during the day.
Nobody seems to be concerned about this.
Thank you to Ijivitari MP Richard Masere for the Oro-designed street lights in Popondetta, but with better sealed-roads and drains, it would be more stunning.
Popondetta road maintenance is the business of the Northern Governor Garry Juffa, Sohe MP Henry Jons Amuli and Masere.
Many vehicles in Popondetta are deteriorating and their values are depreciating because of the deteriorating state of roads we have in the province.
To the three Northern MPs, Popondetta is very small and easy to develop.
It is your provincial headquarters.

Silim or Lusim

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