Fix roads in Wildlife, 8-Mile


WE ask Moresby North East MP John Kaupa to please fix our 8-Mile road from the RH service station to the last block of Wildlife and the power station.
It’s been about five years of living with deteriorated roads.
The recent downpour has made them worse.
I believe you are aware of these roads as you drive on them to visit your voters.
If you cannot seal the road as what your friend Moresby South MPJustin Tkatchenko did in his electorate, then upgrade the road and make it accessible for residents.
8-Mile and Wildlife are located within the city limits so they should have proper roads.
The same appeal goes to National Capital District Governor Powes Parkop.
You have just invested K10 million from your services improvement programme funds in Morata roads and what about 8-Mile and Wildlife?

Frustrated Citizen

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