Fix your marriage


LIFE is very challenging today.
We struggle to put food on the table, access basic services such as education and health.
We struggle as well to succeed in business or politics.
Beside these challenges, law and order issues such as bribery, corruption and other crimes are on the rise.
These are burdens society is dealing with.
We can’t run from challenges; we should face them.
However, when facing challenges, a helping hand is always needed.
We need our spouses to step in and offer the much-needed help.
We need their physical and emotional support when we go through challenges.
As they say: “two hands are better than one.”
So, if you and your spouse are both employed, then you have a rare opportunity.
With the help of your spouse, you can access and mobilise resources and build wealth for your family.
You can produce educated and resourceful children.
You can influence others to be optimistic, get educated and live a good and responsible life.
However, are you getting this help from your spouse?
Are you living a wonderful life as an educated couple?
You are a lucky person if you are getting this support and living a wonderful life.
Nowadays, not many educated couples enjoy the life they are supposed to live.
Many times, they become like poles in the magnetic field.
There is division among themselves as a result different their visions, goals and aspirations.
If you are in this category, you have to fix your marriage.
You need to fix your family to be happy.
In the absence of millions of kina, flashy cars and good houses, you can live comfortably and happily if you have a good family.
Here are some things you can do to help.
First, we have to accept our marriage decisions and declaring that a particular decision is final.
Secondly, we should have a vision for the family.
We have to work hard together to build the foundation for our children.
Thirdly, we have to improve and protect our marriage.
We have to uphold the marriage principles in the Bible.
Finally, we have to understand the process of life and we get to live, get old and die.
Our life does not repeat.

Kenny Pawa,