Flight from India puts country at risk


THE news of a repatriation flight from India that stopped over in Port Moresby with over 70 people disembarking is a disgrace to the work done by anyone involved in protecting the country from the Coronavirus (Covid-19).
Over the last 18 months, we have seen restrictions and controls that has resulted in higher unemployment and the economy declining at a rapid rate that will take a generation to correct.
While we have been fairly lucky to date, we can see how the Delta strain of the Covid-19 is affecting other countries.
The worst country in the world for the Covid-19 for some time has been India.
Our quarantine system is poor so these people are likely to be infecting thousands of our people as they move around.
It highlights that our leaders don’t care or can’t control what is going on.
How can a plane just land?
How can 70 people get off the plane if only 42 were given approval?
What steps have we taken to ensure these people are quarantined properly?
This can only happen through incompetence, negligence or corruption.
Someone needs to be held to account.
But just as all of the other questions that get asked of our leaders, nothing will happen.
Maseratis sitting idle, pharmaceutical contracts that are very questionable, naval bases planned for the mountains – our people accept when our leaders do what they want.
Our leaders have put our country on a course for disaster.

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