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The Jackson International Airport Terminal in Port Moresby will be filling up again with airplanes. – Nationalpic by KENNEDY BANI

THE Government has lifted restrictions on international travel although public health safety conditions will still apply to passengers, according to National Pandemic Response Controller David Manning.
Passengers from Australia, Singapore, Japan, Hong Kong and the Solomon Islands are still required to get approval from Manning’s office to come to PNG.
They must also produce a certificate to show that they have undertaken a Covid-19 Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) test which is negative.
Passengers from New Zealand, Fiji, New Caledonia, Kiribati, Marshall Islands, Tonga, Tuvalu, Nauru, Federated States of Micronesia, Vanuatu, the Cook Islands, Samoa, Palau and Niue who have spent seven days in those countries will be quarantined for seven days at home in PNG with approval from Manning, or at a designated quarantine facility in PNG.
Manning has also lifted the 12-5am curfew in Port Moresby.
“While I have removed some of the restrictions and relaxed others, I urge everyone not to let their guard down,” he said.
“We must continue to be vigilant and observe all Covid-19 protocols.
“The Covid-19 is here and will be around for at least the next year or so.”
Manning said the World Health Organisation was trying to secure a vaccine by the end of 2021.
“But even if a vaccine is found it will be a couple more years before we can even have access to it,” Manning said.
“So our best defence now is to take heed of the Covid-19 protocols and protect ourselves.”
He said there were no restrictions on domestic flights with passengers no longer required to seek prior approval to travel.
But they are expected to continue to observe the Covid-19 heath safety measures such as social distancing, wearing of masks, regular hand sanitising/washing, and to fill a Department of Health form which should be handed to the Provincial Health Authority upon arrival.
The wearing of face masks remains in force in the National Capital District.
There are no limit to the number of passengers travelling on taxis and public transport vehicles in the NCD.
However, drivers and passengers are required to wear masks at all times.
Venues or parts of venues that provide nightclub activities and services and only serve alcohol without food will remain closed.
Bottle shops remain closed on Saturday and Sunday.
Schools, churches and sporting competitions must comply with all Covid-19 protocols.
Manning also warned those giving out misleading information on the lifting of restrictions that they would be arrested and charged.
He said it was “not only irresponsible but also criminal”
“I will have this investigated and those responsible will be dealt with,” Manning said.


  • Why are Bottle shops closed on Saturday and night clubs ????Please lift all restrictions these industries have suffered and have affected families

  • What is the penalty of not wearing face mask??
    Other countries have imposed penalties and they make sure they implement it.

    • @Pexman-the fact that you are very worried and concerned about bottle shops closing at night speak volumes about you. You are probably a tucker shop owner, an illegal beer seller or a just drunk who is worried about your beer. Bottle shops serve no one but alcoholics like you. Our people are really struggling to survive. We are better off as a society without alcohol and bottle shops. Alcohol has killed more people than COVID-19 and cause more social problems and crime in this country.

  • There is NO NEED to make vaccines mandatory to anyone in this country if it becomes available!!! It must be optional and up to PNGeans to choose to be vaccinated or not. If they do not wish to be vaccinated the Government MUST respect their wishes!!!

  • We’re allowing international flights into PNG, but is the same being reciprocated to allow Papua New Guineans to fly to those countries?

  • We know flight is resume for inbound and outbound flight, what about stranded students here in Fhilippines, if Air Niugini ticket was K3, 000:00? And Philippines Airlines (PAL) . Can government arrange a flight for us? Future teachers, engineers, pilot’s, accountant, politicians, and doctors are stranded in Manila and other parts of Philippines.

  • Whilst the incubation period of COVID-19 is 14 days, we have the controller allowing for only 7 days isolation – is this control effective to prevent the spread?

    And how do you monitor those isolating at home mr controller – would you have guards stationed at every home these personnel are isolating in??

  • Simple instructions you can’t follow to avoid C-19. Attitude is problem to listen and follow proper protocols. If you can’t listen and put into action is the problem. So no use of complaining just listen to instructions and follow. Otherwise, disobedience is better to contract virus and DIE SIMPLE. End of the story.

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