Flood-affected areas yet to receive aid

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The National – Friday, December 31, 2010


AREAS affected by the flash floods on Wednesday morning are yet to receive basic relief supplies from the National Disaster Centre (NDC) until final report assessments are given by the Central provincial government and National Capital District Disaster Centre which includes Laloki and parts of Central.  

Director of the NDC Martin Mose, confirmed receiving reports of the recent flash floods which were linked to the recent Cyclone Tasha which hit Queensland last Saturday. 

He said his office was yet to receive a formal assessment report by the Central provincial police commander John Maru and NCD of the areas affected. 

“There are systems in place to respond to such disaster-hit areas.” 

He said he had advised both the Central provincial government and NCD to assess the areas affected and to provide substantial reports related to relief supplies if needed.  

“Areas including Laloki settlement and other Central villages are looked after by the Central provincial government,” he said.

Mose added that the level of response would entirely depend on the reports submitted by both Central and NCD. 

“Other parts of PNG has been quiet except for Central, which may continue to experience a continual wet spell until the New Year,” he said. 

However, Kairuku-Hiri MP Paru Aihi has assured his people along the Hiri coast that the assessment reports would be delivered to the NDC by today. 

He said most families affected from the flash floods would be assisted through the relief assistance from the NDC. 

Meanwhile, Deputy Commissioner of Correctional Services Henry Wavik has assured that security measures have been mounted since last month until the New Year period.  

He stressed that the flooding was not as bad  compared to the past. 

“It occurs occasionally but the current situation is not as bad compared to the incidences that occurred in 1990 and 1994 where the main Bomana prison could not be accessed.”