Flood havoc at Zifasing

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PEOPLE living at Zifasing village and nearby areas in the Markham Valley were forced to evacuate to higher ground in the early hours of Tuesday after flood waters threatened their homes and property.
Heavy rains which swept through the Huon Gulf and up the Markham Valley on Monday evening caused massive flooding of the rivers along the valley resulting in the villages, cattle station, schools, health services and other nearby places to be flooded.
The Zifasing bridge, which is a vital link along the Highlands Highway, was also under threat of being washed away.
The Zifasing police station and aid post were also flooded while the orderly’s house collapsed.
Trade store operators, villagers and public servants were forced to remove their store goods and belongings to higher ground at 3 am on Tuesday.
Food gardens, cocoa and peanut plots belonging to Tararan and Zifasing villagers and inland hamlets were all covered in water and mud.
Meanwhile, the Erap River has swelled and flooded the Erap Department of Agriculture and Livestock extension centre.
More than 30 staff houses, offices, cattle and poultry farms were flooded and covered in mud. The only bore water source used by the station has been contaminated.