Flood hits Madang on Christmas Day

Momase, Normal

The National – Thursday, December 30, 2010


FLOODING in parts of Madang town dampened the Christmas spirit of those who wanted to celebrate either at home or at service.

Attendance for service dwindled in most churches especially those that had to travel long distances for worship. 

Those with vehicles made up the numbers.

While many government and private company employees celebrated early Christmas kaikai with their staff and colleagues during the week, Dec 25 was kept to be celebrated with relatives and families.

And many had to stay indoors as the rain continued from dawn till dusk. 

Homes besides creeks and rivers were inundated.

For residents squatting at the Wagol Pikus and Sawdust settlements plus those living along that river stretch, searched for higher grounds or were either miserable as water seeped through.

As if the rain was a heavenly blessing, nine Christmas babies were born at the main hospital warming the hearts of their mothers.

Many families were thankful for the bright sunny Boxing Day as most went to the favourite beach spots or an outing for a barbecue with their families.

Despite the festive mood being lost, peace was maintained throughout. 

With no motorists and drunkards favouring the rain, minor traffic offences were reported.

Madang police reported no major incidents except one on Christmas, involving the son of a prominent Madang businessman and security personnel of a certain security company, where the guard was assaulted by the businessman’s son while under the influence of liquor.

His son was not arrested when the matter was reported to Jomba police station, forcing other guards to retaliate injuring the brother of the driver of a 10-seater they were in.

Meanwhile, Ramu police reported minor drinking offences, reporting only two arrests with two cartons of beer while most of the “merry passengers”, inebriated, travelling home for holidays, were cautioned.

Police station commander-rural Sgt Jacob Bando confirmed that no major incidents occurred at the other rural stations.

The other main event which went unnoticed to town residents was the visit by sidelined Prime Minister Sir Michael Somare.

Sir Michael was in town for Christmas to try a bit of game fishing on Sunday at Karkar with Sir Arnold Amet and Sir Peter Barter.