Flooded gensets under probe

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The National, Monday 07th November 2011

AN investigation is under way to determine how the hydro generators at the Ramu One power house in Yonki, Eastern Highlands, were flooded.
PNG Power Ltd chief executive officer Tony Koiri said an independent investigation team would identify the cause of the flood.
“We have to find out the cause of the problem so there should be contingency plans put in place to avoid similar situations,” he said.
Koiri expressed disappointment over the flooding, saying it had disrupted a refurbishment plan for the Ramu One power station.
He said they successfully negotiated with a bank to fund the refurbishment but the flooding of the generators had put everything on hold.
Koiri said last Friday there was a possibility of getting hydro-generator two up by the weekend or early this week.
He visited the mechanical and electrical engineers repairing the generators.
Company general manager operations and maintenance John Tangit is leading the recovery work.
Senior electrical engineer Arua Mea, who was flown from Port Moresby said it was a real flood disaster and one they had not expected.
He said there used to be floods up to knee level that were usually drained out, “but for this flood to come as high as 10m is a real disaster”.