Floods destroy roads and homes in Madang

National, Normal

The National – Monday, July 4th 2011

 FLOODING, caused by heavy rains  in Madang has damaged homes and closed down roads.

About five houses in the Works compound were flooded while cars trying to cross flooded streets broke down. 

Other motorists travelling the highway were stranded at the Lae Builders and Contractors office. 

The only service station at Handy Mart was forced to close at 3.30pm as floodwaters rose.

Families living along the banks of rivers and swamps had to move to higher grounds and find shelter with relatives and friends.

The rains started around 3.30pm and continued until 10.30pm. 

There was also a three-hour blackout at the Handy Mart area. 

Workers in town had to walk or ride with friends back home as all PMVs stopped their services.

The complaint by residents was the lack of attention given by the Madang urban local level government to the state of drains in town.

Resident Carol Raku, whose home at the Works compound was flooded, said: “This is the first major flood we’ve had.” 

Madang district administrator Lawrence Pitor, however, blamed the flood on the lack of funding.

“The problem is with the revenue office. 

“They are not doing their job that is why there is no money to carry out physical inspection and cleaning works,” he said.