Floods ravage Baisu

National, Normal

The National, Friday 30th December 2011

UPNG journalism student

HUNDREDS of families in Baisu, Western Highlands, have been affected by floods following continuous rain this week.
The Tipi Creek burst its banks, destroying food crops, affecting houses and church buildings.
There is mud and debris everywhere. 
Pr Amos Eddy from the Revival Holy Spirit Movement Ministry said the flood had destroyed everything and people were confused on what to do and where to get help from.
He said they had experienced floods many times over the years and six times this year but the latest flood was the worst as it severely affected their source of daily food and income.
“We don’t know where to get food and to seek assistance from and what to do because we are severely affected by the flood,” he said.
He said government authorities, especially the Western Highlands disaster office, had done nothing to help them when they experienced flood over the years.
Another pastor confirmed the flood had destroyed food crops and houses.
Kolimbao Mangao said the flood this week was similar to a hailstorm that occurred in 2009 and he wanted the disaster office to help them.
“I am appealing to the Western Highlands disaster authorities to assist us in any way they can
because our children and families will go hungry,” he said.