Flowery gift

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Flowery gift … Local artists, craftsmen and women, and other vendors in East New Britain took advantage of the Queen Mary II’s visit into the province yesterday. On sale were art and craft in the form of carvings, meri blouses, bilums, Tolai baskets, necklaces and even mangoes since the province is already experiencing its mango season. For the first time, mothers came out to promote floriculture. Mothers in ENB have recently begun to develop floriculture with the help from provincial department of primary industry (DPI) officers. This was the first time the mothers came out to see what they could sell to tourists. They were selling various flowers such as Olympic Torches, Chinchas, Zebra, Helicon and other orchid  families. Prices were ranging from A$3 to A$30. – Nationalpic by ELIZABETH VUVU