Flu cases at Gaulim an eye opener for govt

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THE two cases of swine flu at Gaulim Teachers College, East New Britain province, is an “eye opener” for authorities to address ongoing water problems at the institution.
The school governing council met last Saturday to come up with alternatives to deal with the school’s water woes.
A member of the governing council and United church regional secretary, Robert Bola, admitted that the institution had had its share of water problems over the past years causing inconvenience to staff and students.
He said the meeting resolved to buy a new water pump, to be jointly funded by the United church, Gazelle district, Inland Baining LLG and the governing council.
Mr Bola said the water pump would supply water from the bore hole well and would be used on standby when the current reservoir ran out or if there was a power blackout.
He said frequent power blackouts experienced at the institution affected water supply.
In times of power blackouts, students had to resort to using pit toilets and other unsafe water which was very conducive for sicknesses that were causing health problems around the country such as cholera, typhoid and influenza.
In the meantime, the ENB provincial administration would be supplying a new water pump to supply water from the existing reservoirs to respective facilities at the institution.
Two specialist doctors from the Nonga Base Hospital, who are part of the medical team, strongly recommended for a proper water supply for the situation  to return to normal.