Fly-in, fly-out practice soon to go

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The National, Thursday February 13th, 2014

 THE days of the fly-in, fly-out scheme practised by mining companies are numbered, Mining Minister Byron Chan told parliament yesterday. 

Revealing that this practice would soon be abolished, Chan said developers would be asked to help the government develop  mining project impacted areas. 

“Developers will be requested to assist the government in developing townships and ensuring their employees are residents in PNG in order to stimulate the local economy and bring development to the local communities, towns and cities.”

The mining minister made this remark when presenting the ministerial statement on the progress made by Ministry of Mining while explaining the mining policy review in parliament yesterday. 

Other areas under the review would ensure that community awareness and consultation would become a mandatory requirement for all stakeholders.

Chan said women and youth would be represented in decision-making processes and in the distribution of benefits.

He said up to 10% of the royalty payment would be allocated to women and children for their empowerment. 

Other stakeholders who were party to a memorandum of agreement (MoA) would be required to initiate and develop at least one sustainability project for the benefit of the people in the impacted areas. 

Chan said developers would have to conduct a socio-economic and environmental impact assessment right from the exploration stage. 

Also, provincial government and landowner participation is improved through procedural requirements to allow for more consultations and participation in project development process

Chan also outlined that under the policy review, clarity on various benefits streams to respective stakeholders at different stages of a project from exploration to decommissioning.