Focus on God


I ENCOURAGE youths and families today to focus on God in their every life.
Many youths today engage in drugs and other illegal activities which increase social issues in communities. Parents and leaders are now looking for ways to minimise social issues and help youths become good citizens.
The best way to minimise these issues and help youths is through God.
Youths should put the Lord as the centre of their everyday life.
Parents should teach their children with God’s teaching at an early age so they grow up with it and become good citizens that can contribute meaningfully to their families and community.
Now that mobile phones have took over most children’s concentration, parents have a bigger responsibility.
Through my observation, only God can change a person but we have to pray for them, pray for our children and leaders so that they can make better decisions for us.
I encourage upcoming youths to become brothers, sisters, fathers, pastors, reverends and church leaders so that we work as a team to guide our people in this temporary living. We all should have hope, love forgiveness, accept encouragement, cooperation and pray every day.
I am here because of prayer.
I face a lot of challenges but I pray every day for God’s wisdom, courage and Holy Spirit to be with me in what I do.

Sr Mecktil Urangenge

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