Focus on pending cases

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POLICE in East New Britain will work on pending or outstanding cases for investigation in the districts, the provincial police commander says.
Chief Insp Joseph Tabali said there were 247 pending cases in the crime investigation division in various districts and had instructed station commanders at Kokopo, Rabaul, Kerevat and Palmalmal to concentrate on them.
He said police would try to clear the cases in 15 days.
Chief Insp Tabali explained that special operation Stretim Sindaun had hauled in 229 arrests so far from 645 reports, follow-up arrests totalled 85 and pending cases were 247.
“The 247 outstanding cases is the target for us in this 15-day operation extension,” he said.
Chief Insp Tabali outlined some priority outstanding cases that included eviction at Tokua Plantation. He said the objective of the operation was to target areas that were continually having problems, youth fights, land disputes resulting in deaths and issues related to marijuana.