Focus on ‘promotion policy’ to solve health issues


The Christian Health Services says the answer to health problems is to focus more on the Government’s health promotion policy.
Christian Health Services chief executive officer Ulch Tapia said the implementation of health promotion policy had been given little prominence with more attention given to curative health services.
“When we are doing that, we are not informing individuals, families and the communities effectively so they are empowered with knowledge allowing them to control, own and sustain the status of their own health,” Tapia said.
“There is still a great need to implement the national health policy on health promotion by applying holistic approach in community active participation, building relationship with communities, using culturally relevant communication strategies and the using of health workers who are also facilitators in health promotion.
“For many years, churches have been central to communities, working with marginalised individuals, women and children or, in conflicts, bringing reconciliation and peace.”
He said churches encouraged empowerment and social action at the grassroots level.

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