Focus set on e-commerce


DIGITAL commerce offers new revenue streams for businesses during a restricted trading period, according to Bank South Pacific (BSP).
Digital general manager Nuni Kulu told the PNG Business Digital Commerce forum yesterday in Port Moresby that businesses should adapt to the technology and have online platforms.
“In BSP’s perspective, we are pushing customers to our digital channels,” Kulu said.
“As a solution, and as we start to see a lot of digital payments coming into our market, we would start to move away and the markets starts to assist society to move away from a reliance on cash only payments and cheque payments as well.
“Certainly in the last five years, the bank did have two corporates in our e-commerce platform.
“Certainly today we are growing a pipeline and are definitely looking at new digital commerce merchants coming to the Papua New Guinea market.
“Over the past 12 months, we have had enhancements to our digital channels and certainly transformed customer experienced.
“We are definitely seeing an adoption in not only our B to C (Business to Customer) payments but starting to see more across industries more B to B transactions coming through.”
Air Niugini chief executive officer Bruce Alabaster said e-commerce was essential to businesses.
Traditional businesses who do not adapt to the use of e-commerce can be lip-frogged by businesses who engage the use to technology.