Fode centre opens for skills training, prisoners’ rehabilitation

Youth & Careers

THE flexible open and distance education (Fode) has opened for the Beon Correctional Institution and the surrounding communities of Furan and Panim in Madang.
The Fode study centre was recently launched in Beon with the aim of equipping detainees with vital life skills training and provide them with a formal education curriculum to become productive citizens after release.
Jail commander Supt Andrew Polis officially opened the Fode study centre during the third graduation for basic computing training offered by the Foreign Service Institute (FSI) as part of its community service initiatives.
The study centre is part of Beon’s training and rehabilitation programme and Polis said this was an internal arrangement to maximise the resources and manpower.
Beon prison manager for rehabilitation and security Senior Insp Corban Palom thanked the FSI for their continuous support with vital computer skills since 2015.
The Fode study centre was an initiative facilitated by the FSI and Madang Fode director Esther Makis.
“Students at Beon Fode study centre can register and enrol for studies in 2020 semester one,” Makis said.
“I will conduct the entry test in early September.”
Makis also said students could register online using FSI’s website

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