FODE improves service delivery

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The National, Tuesday 12th February, 2013

FLEXIBLE, open and distance education (FODE) has improved its service delivery to students by upgrading its database system.
Acting education secretary Luke Taita said FODE was experiencing a high influx of students in enrolments at its 22 provincial centres.
“FODE’s database system is being upgraded with some help from the Department of Education and World Bank project personnel,” he said.
“Database is an important component of FODE to be supported because it stores large capacities of data and records of all students’ study programmes.
“The current partnership sealed between the Department of Education and the World Bank for the FODE project is very much appreciated and progressing well.  Through this relationship, the ICT equipment would be procured by the World Bank project including funding of equipment installation, while the email system will be installed by DoE ICT personnel. 
“FODE website will be developed by the FODE Project consultants and DoE ICT personnel.”

“FODE centres will be connected to the email network this year. This will enable communication between provincial centres and headquarters on a regular basis. The email roll out will take place before the end of this year,” he said.