Fode students receive study materials


THE four-week suspension of classes across the country will not have much effect on Fode (flexible open distance education) students’ learning, says an official.
Port Moresby Fode centre principal Anthony Rayappan told The National that they give the students study materials, they can study at home, at their own pace.
“That’s one good thing that we see, even though the schools are suspended and their learning is affected, the department and the schools are planning different strategies, how to cover their lost lessons, but Fode will not have much impact as long as we provide them with the study materials and the proper advice on the courses they can continue to study during this four weeks of lockdown,” he said.
Rayappan said Fode students didn’t have any tutorial programme.
He said counter service would not be disrupted and students would still get the materials and study at home.
“There won’t be any big gathering,” he said.
“There will be no tutorials taking place during these four weeks, but, however, our staff and support staff are working on providing counter service to the students and their studies do not have any disruptions.”
Rayappan said this year also saw an increase in the number of students with disability enrolling in the Fode centre, especially in Port Moresby.
“A good number of them are grade 11 and grade 9,” he said.
“We have identified their capability and ability were they can cope up with subject and our officer they have given them subjects to study.
“Some of them are bright students.”