Follow procedures to rejoin

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The National, Monday October 28th, 2013

 TEACHERS who have resigned and want to rejoin the teaching service must meet all the requirements as set out by the Teaching Service Commission, Baran Sori says.

Sori, the TSC chairman, said the Commission noted that resigned teachers wanting to come back to teaching were not following correct procedures and meeting requirements.  

“It is necessary to remind those people that the prerequisites for readmission is met before the Commission consider readmission requests,” he said.

The resigned teachers are required to: 

  • Complete application for registration and employment as a teacher (EDB019); 
  • be out of active teaching for more than 12 consecutive months;
  • have evidence of all qualifications such as degree, diploma or teaching certificate, Grade 12 and Grade 10 certificates, certified transcript by a commissioner of oath;
  • have three medical reports from three different doctors; 
  • have full registration certificate and inspection report; 
  • have completed, signed and stamped resumption duty summary sheet (RoDSS); 
  • have teacher record of appointment (EDB023); 
  • have a provincial endorsement letter; 
  • have police clearance; and, 
  • have a copy of the TSC letter of resignation. 

Sori encouraged those teachers who wish to return to request for readmission or enquire about matters relating to readmission to contact the senior appointment officer on 301 3315.