Fond memories of the late Kenneth Petrie

Letters, Normal

The National, Wednesday October 30th, 2013

 READING the article “My PNG family” by Matthew Petrie (The National, Oct 25) brought tears to my eyes. 

I knew Matthew and his late father, Kenneth, when he was my English lecturer at the then Port Moresby Teachers College from 1978-1979. 

I would always see a white-haired little boy and a black-haired little girl in  the back seat of the vehicle that Ken Petrie owned. 

The house they lived in was the second one in the Wardstrip Primary School facing Econ Trading and the second-hand shop. 

At that time, Ken Petrie was the only saxophone expert in PNG.  He played in a band with another lecturer, Keith Stebbins, an expert on the piano, who may still be around in PNG. 

They had another friend, Peter Stucky, who was a maths lecturer and later a principal. He had a stepson, named Ian. 

These kids were a handful for us at times when we worked around their houses during work parades. 

Gone are the days when the Port Moresby Teachers College (now the Inservice College) was green and beautiful. 

Matthew, I still have memories of you sticking your head out the window of your father’s car. 

Emily, you created curiosity among the students until a Pia Kila told us that you were Ken Petrie’s daughter. 

I hope to read Matthew’s next article. 


Brian Tieba