Fone haus opened four shops during pandemic: Manager


FONE Haus is on target for a good result by the end of this year, general manager Damien Ames says.
He said despite a difficult year with the continuation of the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic, a worldwide shortage of mobile phones and parts, Fone Haus opened four new shops.
It had also brought in more brands including JBL, Mintt Laptops, Garmin Watches and new ROG (Republic of Gaming) and Asus (computer producing company) gaming phones.
“We are listening to what our loyal customers want and offering them all of the latest phones including being the first to launch the Samsung Flip, iPhone 13 and new Samsung Fold next week,” Ames told The National.
He said the company was not enforcing the ‘no jab policy’ for any customers or clients at this time.
However, all customers and clients that entered any of their shops or offices should be wearing a face mask and practice social distancing.
“We have over 90 per cent of our staff double vaccinated so that we can provide a safer shopping experience for our customers,” Ames said.
“We continue to renovate our stores including our Vision City shop (in Port Moresby) which will be launched in January.
“We have achieved our success this year through our major partners including Samsung, JBL and Mintt and focused on making our customers experience even better when they visit a Fone Haus shop.
“All of this positive thinking and more importantly investment back into the Fone Haus business has set us up for an even bigger 2022.
“Its exciting times for Fone Haus and our loyal customers.”