Fone Haus puts customers first

Fone Haus staff Charlie Talingdah (left) with retail operations manager Shirley Perido and FoneGeek technician Jason Kinamun sorting out items at the new flagship store at Central Waigani last Friday. – Nationalpics by CLARISSA MOI

FONE Haus has FoneGeeks (phone geeks), employees whose role is to assist customers with any technical difficulties, general manager Damien Ames says.
Ames said all staff were trained to set up mobile phones and show customers how to use them.
“We get a lot of customers who come in and are not sure about how to use their mobile phones or how to install specific apps and features so we have our FoneGeeks in all of our shops,” he told The National.

Fone Haus national operations manager Amy Tomlinson taking to customer Andrew Wani at the Central Waigani flagship store which was opened last Friday.

“We are very excited that 80
per cent of our FoneGeeks are female.
“Our female staff seem to be the ones who are really up and involved in the latest technology.
“And it’s just a good way for our customers to come in, sit down and we can spend some time to assist them and give them the great customer service that they want at Fone Haus.

Customers checking out the new Fone Haus flagship store at Central Waigani, Port Moresby.

“We are not just about getting the customers in, selling them a phone and getting them out the door in two minutes.
“We want to spend some time with them and set up their phones.”
Ames said they also have FoneFix shops.
“FoneFix is where we repair all your phones,” he said.
“Any phone purchased at Fone Haus comes with a warranty and if you have any problem with it, you bring it back to any of our stores and our phone technicians will fix it for you.
“We also have a lot of customers who have bought their phones at other shops and they need screens or batteries replaced so our FoneFix area is where you find our experienced technicians who will assist you.”
While providing an update of its online shopping, Ames said it had expanded significantly during the last six months.
“As more and more people look for convenience, they are able to go to our website and order their phones online,” he said.

Fone Haus staff Asenath Akia (left) and Michaela Jehanduo assisting a customer at the Fone Haus flagship store at Central Waigani last Friday.

“And if they are in a region that has no Fone Haus store, we still deliver the phone to them which is really exciting as it is enabling our customers in other regions throughout PNG to get a genuine mobile phones from our Fone Haus.
“In our four locations: Port Moresby, Lae, Kokopo and Mt Hagen, customers can order their phones online and within two hours you
come into the store, your phone is boxed up, set up and ready for you to go so you don’t have to wait around.”