Food company in full operation


PARADISE Foods Ltd has returned to full production since the state of emergency (SOE) came into place with all staff retuning to work.
“We slowed down production in the first two weeks of the SOE which during that period, we produced only on the day shift, but this was not enough to meet our sales demand,” chief executive officer James Rice told The National.
“We have already returned to full 24/7 (24 hours/seven days a week) production and asked all of our employees to return to work.
“Only our employees in West Sepik, Western and East New Britain are remaining at home, but we are paying the full salaries of any employees waiting at home during this period.”
Rice said the company did not want any of its employees financially impacted during the state of emergency.
He said the Covid-19 crisis had not yet had a negative impact on the company.
“Our sales are rising as people are in need of the core food items that we produce,” he said.
“Sales have been increasing every month since I joined the company, including during the SOE.”

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