Fooled by Education Department

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The National- Friday, January 14, 2011

 I HAVE served the Department of Education as a teacher for eight years and when I learnt that the education reform brought a lot of challenges to my profession, especially the workload which really killed me, I applied to get a new job and I succeeded.

I tendered my resignation with the Teaching Services Commission and I was referred to the payroll for some sort of final payments. 

As soon as I presented the original letter that Teaching Services Commission wrote to me, a team leader told me that they do not give out any payment such as final payout. 

For goodness sake, I have taught the children of this nation for the past eight years and to the Education Department this is just short period of time. The Education Department did not appreciate for my years of service.

I am now working with a good organisation who cares for me and even I am paid a good salary, better than the pay I got while working day and night as a teacher.

To those teachers who are struggling, look up for opportunities because Education Department will continue to treat you unfairly. Don’t just waste your time there but do something now.


Carmstar Mero

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